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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Do you ever feel like this?  Lately I have, I feel so overwhelmed with life.  Typically this is because I over commit myself to everything anyone asks of me and don't take enough time for me.  While in class one of my students was talking about some therapy that she was doing and her therapist told her to take a pitcher of water and fill it up and each time she did something for someone else to take a cup of water out of the pitcher, and each time she did something for herself she could put a cup back in.  Well by the end of the day her pitcher was empty and she had nothing to give...  Is this you do you remember to take time to fill your pitcher back up?  I know sometimes this is me.  I also know that sometimes when I finally do take the time to fill up my pitcher I feel guilty about it.  So here is the question of the day.  How do we not let your pitcher empty out and not feel guilty for filling it up?   For me as all of you know I read (but I have to make sure that it is something for me not something for my students, or for my family, but just for me), I like to take relaxing bubble baths, I exercise (sometimes this is for me and sometimes it is for the status of keeping up and looking good, probably more effective when it is just for me), I craft, and I get online and look at blogs or facebook.  Sometimes I feel like the choices I make and the lifestyle path I am trying to choose overwhelms me too.  I sometimes get down on myself for not being the "perfect person"  which in case you were wondering in my mind is:  Someone who has a passion for what they do, exercises, keeps on the positive side, eats healthy (this means grains, meats, dairy, fruits and veggies, and no sugar or processed crap), does as much as she can naturally (so using oils and herbs instead of meds, using the least amount of chemical laiden products as she can) gets plenty of rest, drinks lots of water, is constantly learning new things, has a clean home, teaches her children,  and they are happy smart children, finds time daily for god, and spends quality intimate time with her husband.  Do I do all this?  No not so much, am I trying to do all this absolutely.   Usually where I find my mistake is that I don't recognize that as long as I am making an effort and moving forward one step at a time, I am making progress.  And that is all I can ask for is to make progress.  I also find that one little mistake (like the bowl of lucky charms I had for breakfast instead of the fruit smoothie) I beat myself up over it until I am miserable.  Moderation and balance in all things, and remembering that I don't have to be the best at everything, just the best version of me I can be at that moment.  I hope you will share with me what you do to help keep your pitcher full.

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