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Monday, November 29, 2010

Me Time Monday

Last night we had a blast playing games with my family.  I am a huge lover of games, always have been, probably always will be.  I just think it is probably one of the funnest ways to enjoy each others company and interact.  We played one of the funnest  games I have played in a long time last night called Word on the Street.  It is a riot.  The letters are all lined up down the center of the board and you have two teams you pick  a card such as "A Beach"  then you have to come up with a name of a beach and each letter you use gets pulled one space per use toward you,  There are two spaces on each side of the center of the board, so if we had drawn the card "a beach" we could use myrtle as our beach, and then we would pull the letters m-y-r-t-l all one space towards us.  There are no vowels, however you can still use vowels in your word you just don't get credit for them.  The team that gets 8 letters off the board first wins.  It was so much fun that we played it 3 times!!  They also have word on the street junior, this would be a perfect game to help teach your children how to spell.  This was time for me, and it was fantastic!  Not to mention the great company and food that came with this fun night.

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