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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sorry about this week

For those of you who follow regularly, I apologize about this week, my computer crashed and we had some crazy virus we are still trying to work out so anything that was not already scheduled didn't get up this week.  So Here is my week of gratitude:


I am very grateful today to have a nice warm house, it is cold out there
and the wind is blowing very hard, which is a great thing to watch from
the comfort of my nice heated home!



I was thankful for the internet, 


I am thankful for my coke (yes I know it is terrible, but a girl n...eeds a little something naughty every once in a while)


I was thankful for early bedtimes

And today

I am grateful for rainy days and lazy mornings.  It has been a fantastic morning with my children.  Watching movies, eating dry cereal on the couch (don't tell my husband) and now playing play-dough.

I apologize for this week, and we will be up and going with all the fun that I started last week, starting Monday.  Thanks for your understanding.

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