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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Try it Tuesday

Okay so today I am trying a cleanse that I did a few years back.  It was titled the Poor Man's Cleanse and it is similar to isagenix.  First two days you fast and cleanse, you can have purified water, apple juice, and a good multivitamin  I use life essence master multiple, I purchased it from it is a pure essense labs product.  You have to drink at least 3-4 liters of water.  Then after the three days you continue with the water and multi-vitamin but you have 2 shakes for 2 of your meals,  either a slim-fast shake or the special K shakes, then one 500-600 calorie healthy meal.  You follow this for the next 4 days, and finish the last two days with fasting and cleansing days just like the first two.  I am starting today, don't worry I will take my measurements and pics and I will post my results and maybe even my pictures.  Would love for you to try it with me!!!  If you want to start today, just make sure you have a good multi-vitamin.  And if you are dying for some food, snack on a few raw veggies.

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