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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Try It Tuesday

Okay so last week I posted about a cleanse... needless to say this is not the time of year to try that... I did loose a few lbs, and was much more conscious of what I was eating, but I didn't follow it exact.  After the new year I am going to try again.

Here is a new one.  My husband told me the other day that we needed to get an ice tub... "a what?"  yes an ice tub.  This is a tub that you fill with ice and water and yes you sit in it.  He explained to me that it helps with sore muscles and circulation, and a lot of athletes do this.  I had also heard that if you ice your face your skin will love you.  I decided that I needed to do a little more research on this.  So I researched and I found all kinds of articles and information, I had no idea this was so popular, so I am guessing you may not either.

First off, Why would I do this, the physical benefits:

This "cold therapy" or "ice bath therapy" is thought to help the blood vessels to constrict and decreases the metabolic activity, when this happens, there is a reduction in tissue breakdown, and swelling.  This flushes waste products such as lactic acid out of the affected tissues.  Upon getting out of this ice bath your tissues begin to warm up and this will cause a quicker return of blood flow.  This quick return will help the byproducts of cellular breakdown flush to the lymph system .  According to David Terry, M.D., "Ice baths don't only suppress inflammation, but help to flush harmful metabolic debris out of your muscles."  This is something recommended for athletes after a good run or workout. Now Ice has the obvious benefits to the athlete, but also the beauty queen as well.  It has great abilities to tighten the skin, this will help to reduce the severity or wrinkles and reduce and can even prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.  Ice will help activate the blood circulation.  It will also help with acne by helping to reduce swelling and irritation.  obviously you won't be in a bath, but maybe using a bowl or and ice pack on your face.

Second How do I do this, step by step process?

1.  Gather the supplies you will need.  Ice, bath tub, sweater or towel basically anything to cover your upper body, and hat
2.  Put the ice in your tub
3.  Fill the tub with cold water try to be about 54-60 degrees Fahrenheit
4.  Wrap up in your towel put your hat on and jump in (YIKES it's cold!!)
5.  Soak for 10-20 minutes ( I would recommend some hot cocoa, and something to read to keep your mind off the cold)
6.  Hop out and get dry and wait 30- 60 minutes before you get a nice hot shower.  But make sure and get the hot shower to help prevent muscular tightness.

Don't stay in too long and don't get tooo cold, there are things like frost bite that we don't want to have problems with.

So to be healthy and beautiful, you need to be icing!!  I tried it, it wasn't that bad.

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