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Friday, January 14, 2011

Game on Day 5

For Friday I took my day off of exercise as I had the day off work, and my abs were killing me.  My workouts will Jillian are definitely working!!!  Today was sooo easy, and I am not really craving much sugar anymore.  My hardest thing today was that I really wanted some chips and salsa, been craving them like crazy, but no white flour and no sugar kind of make chips and salsa a hard thing... My idea is to make some crispy tortillas from mywhole wheat tortillas and some olive oil, then bake them in the oven and get some tomatoes, onions and peppers and chop them up... this might be one of my snacks on sunday.  I am taking Saturday as my day off as I am going to the movie.  Here is how my day 5 meals went

1- green smoothie with a string cheese instead of protein powder
2- apple cottage cheese and yogurt
3- chicken bean corn spinach wrap in whole wheat tortilla
4- oatmeal with eggwhites and fruit this was sooo  yummo
5- yogurt string cheese and a few almonds.

I actually almost forgot my last meal... we were watching a movie and I remember I still had one more meal to eat... lukily I still had 30 min left before my 4 hour mark. phew.

I am sooo happy with the way the diet is going this time around.  I really am enjoying the food, and I am starting to feel better, and the weight is coming off nicely, and I can even notice a subtle change in my body.  My muscles are toning and I can tell my clothes are a bit looser.  Wow all that in 1 week.  Can't wait for the next 3 weeks of this!!!  I am loving it soo much it may be something I stick with even after the game is over.  If you are not playing with us and want to start your own game get the book, it is a great read.  The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend's Butt While Shrinking Your Own, and if you are playing and don't have the book already, you should check it out, you will love it. 

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