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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Game on Diet Day 1

Here is how my first day of the diet went woke up had a boiled egg this gives me my protein and my fat, and an apple with a ton of water.  I then proceed to my workout did the 30 Day Shred with Jillian, which is a fantastic little workout.  It has 3 levels each one progressively harder, in each level you do 3 circuits of her workout.  You start with 3 min strength training, then 2 min of cardio and 1 min of abs.  It is an intense workout but is only 20 min, and I am soo sore the next day.  Then after my workout with Jillian I did some additional ab workouts.  I continued to drown myself in the 3 liters of water I am supposed to drink.  I went 3 hours between my first and second meals,  I then had an orange and a string cheese with a couple almonds.   I continued drowning in the water, and for lunch had a pork loin chop (at least part of one since it had to be the size of my palm), some spinach leaves with some cucumbers and I used part of my 100 free calories towards some dressing.  Then continuing in my drowning I finished my water about 3pm (which worked out perfectly for me not being up all night peeing.)  I seemed to spend a lot of my day drowning and peeing.  I went 4 hours between my last 2 meals, they were a fried egg and toast for the first, and a big salad with dressing some cucumbers and a boiled egg.  I found about 2 I got hungry for a treat, and spent most of the day with a headache from lack of caffeine.  I am sooo glad that I accomplished day 1 with all my points.  I made sure to keep in contact with my team and an opposing team, I stuck to my healthy habits I ate all my meals with no snacking, got in my workout, got alll my water and got my 7 hrs of sleep!!  Hurray for a perfect day.

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