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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Zoning class...

Want to do what I do...  I love my job of helping others to heal, and love the results that i get to see as people make fantastic changes within their lives.  Well if you are interested or know someone who is let them know that due to demand I will be doing another foot zone class after the first of the year.  I am thinking of starting in March, but we will see what the year brings, I will have dates posted within the next month or so, so keep an eye out.  I will cap the class at 8-10 students so please get registered quickly if this is of interest to you.

You can still just pay the $1700 and take all the classes and this will cover your cost of books and everything, in the end this is the best way to go, but if you can't afford it all upfront then we have other options as listed below.

Beginning Foot Zoning -  24 hours of classes total cost is $410. You will pay as you go starting with a $50 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the class, and then $120/ class. We will hold 3 classes to cover all the material. Upon completion of this course you will be given a test that will certify you as a beginning zoner through Natural Bliss Foot Zone Therapy. The cost of this class does include the book, workbook, and certification test.

Essential Oils class -  4 hours class total cost is $25 this does not include the book, for the book and class it is $40. (if you would like to sign up with doTERRA oils the cost is an additional $170, but this includes a kit of oils 9)

Healing Stones Class -  4 hours class total cost is $25 this does not include the book, for the book and class it is $45.

Energy work Class -  4 hours class total cost is $25 this does not include the book, for the book and the class it is $45.

Healing with Herbs Class -  4 hours class total cost is $25 this does not include the book, for the book and the class it is $65.  (if you would like to sign up with Natures Sunshine the cost is an additional $40, but this includes a kit of herbs)

Hand Zoning Class - (prerequisite beginning foot zoning) 16 hours of classes total cost $150 this includes the book.

Advanced Foot Zoning - (prerequisite: beginning foot zoning and 3 of the 5 mini classes) 80 hours of classes total cost is $1200, but you pay as you go, each class will be $115. I will need $50 to reserve your spot in the class. We will hold several classes to cover all the materials, this will include the body systems, and an in depth look at how to treat each system in the body through the zone, in addition to any of the other alternative treatments learned in the mini classes. We will have a lot of hands on work as well as at home study. You will be tested as we go and upon completion and receive and advanced certification through Natural Bliss Foot Zone Therapy in advanced foot zone therapy. Evaluations or tests need to be passed at 70% to receive a certification.

This also makes it a little easier financially to break the classes down and take them when you can. I will have workbooks for each class, so you will know what you need to study for the tests.

For those who are interested in studying on their own, and just testing I will be working with each individual one-on-one.  I will charge $30/hour for any time we spend learning/teaching payable with each teaching session.  There will be an initial charge of $300 for all of the materials such as books, tests, workbooks, and my time in correcting and helping outside of our hands on teaching and learning.

Also as far as the prerequisites go if you have a background in any of the mini-classes we can have you just test out of that if you would like.

It is a better deal to just pay for all the courses up front as this includes your books, and all the extras such as the oils and herbs with both of the classes, and you get to attend all the classes. But if it is easier for you to break them down it is a great option. It also allows for you to get your beginning certification and then catch the next round of classes instead of having to do them all at once.

As soon as I have enough interest in a class I will go ahead with it, so please e-mail me if you are interested and as soon as I have at least 3 students and no more than 8 students I will begin a session of zoning classes.  I will do a mini class as soon as there is a minimum of 5 interested in that class.  If I have 3 that are interested in the entire thing I will be happy to do the entire course with the commitment of all 3 being to the mini classes as well.  I will also do the Mini courses randomly throughout the year, so if you are only interested in the mini courses I will be doing those much more frequently.  Please check the blog or the facebook page to find out dates and times.

Healing Stones Mini Class
Beginning Foot Zoning
Essential Oils mini class
Healing with Herbs Mini Class
Hand Zoning Class
Energy Work Class
Advanced Foot Zone Class

The tests for each of the classes will be scheduled with each class. The mini classes will not be tested until the advanced class.

I will also be putting together some nice fun little kits for those starting out zoning, I will have the kits and prices for the beginning foot zoning class. I hope this is a better fit for everyone who is interested. I am flexible with my schedule, so if there is a date that will not work for the class we can be flexible, and open it up to a different date.

Again please contact me at 435-760-5860 or if you are interested in any of these.

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