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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 3

Game on diet day three went great. I started my day as usual with my workout with jillian, level 2 today, feeling the burn.  Then I ate my first meal and began drowning myself with water.  Actually the water is not my hardest part, aside from getting at least 7 hours of sleep getting the water is the next easiest.  Honestly for me the food is the hardest and the no snacking. I obviously have a bad sugar addiction, but we are getting past it.  Here are my meals for the day

1 - Grapefruit and string cheese with some almonds
2 - cottage cheese mixed with some fat free yogurt and fruit and a couple almonds
3 - Salad w/walnuts a tiny bit of dressing steamed broccoli and some grilled porkchop (this was really filling)
4 - Meal off at cafe sabor (couldn't eat as much as usual) and I had me a lemonade instead of soda I am hoping I can keep up the no soda thing.
5 - cottage cheese mixed with some yogurt and a couple of almonds

I am down a couple of pounds already and starting to get my energy levels back.  I can't believe this after just a few days I have lost.  Hope the rest of my team is having as much luck as me.

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