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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Game on Diet

So we ended up with 5 teams of 3, so 15 people committed to getting healthy and hopefully shedding some lbs along the way.  I will be excited to post how we are all doing after 1 week.  Day 2 for me seemed a little easier but I really felt like I wanted some sugar... so for one of my meals I had part of a yogurt (key lime flavor) some cottage cheese, and part of an apple all mixed together, it was sooo good, and curbed my sweet tooth for the day.  I may have to have that every day as I am finding I really want a treat.  I can't decide how long I am going to wait to take my day off, but it is something that keeps me motivated.  I got on the scale this morning so after 2 days of being healthy and cutting all the crap and getting in a good workout each day I have lost a couple pounds, this is VERY motivating for me to keep going.  I find the afternoon is my hardest time of day... I seem to have a little energy drop and get really sleepy hopefully my body gets used to this soon.  Day 2 my meals went as follows.   (as you can see I am not cooking a whole lot, which is nice)

1 - grapefruit and a boiled egg
2 - oatmeal with a string cheese
3 - grilled chicken with asparagus
4 - yogurt, fruit and cottage cheese
5 - spaghetti (whole wheat) with marinara sauce a salad and some grilled chicken with some walnuts sprikled on the pasta.

And a whole ton of water with every meal.  I usually have my 3 liters drank by about 3pm which is nice to have done so I am not up all night at the potty :)

For my workout I did the 30 day shred with Jillian, and then in the afternoon when I get my energy slump I tried going fr a run to see if I could boost my energy (it didn't), but it felt good to get in a run anyway.  Can't wait to see what 1 week of this does for me.  I know I am going to feel better.

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