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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Game on Diet Update

Okay so with work and kids and the diet I have kind of spaced out updating you all on what has been going on.  Here are the results from last week.

Team 2 score 821.60 Amy,Sheena, and Joy
Team 3 score 813.47 Annette, Sheri, and Kerry
Team 1 score 800.27 Dustin, Leslie, and Gentry
Team 5 score 783.87 Mandi, Becca, and Natalie
Team 4 score 773.60 Katie, Alana, and Brooke

This is such a close competition, at this point anyone could take this.  It is within 50 points, so best of luck to everyone on week 2.  Everyone lost weight, and has even began noticing that they have more energy and are more on top of their game.  It is amazing how much difference just adding in a few healthy habits can do for you.  Weightloss ranged from 2-8lbs, which is pretty common on the first week, I am guessing that next week we will see people in the 2-4lb loss range, as that is a pretty healthy weight range to be in.  Experts say 2lbs a week is healthy.  So here's hoping for 2lbs this week.  So far I am down almost 1lb this week.

Some of the things I have been eating.

Green smoothie - this is by far one of my favorite things as I can get in a veggie with my breakfast, it tastes yummy and it is easy.  I have a few variations but mostly it is strawberries, 1/2 banana, spinach, almonds and some water. 

Eggs have become something that I eat daily.  It seems that no matter what each day includes an egg.  Cottage cheese, string cheese and yogurt seem to be a daily food for me as well.  Meat seems to be a little harder to prepare so I think that is why I am sticking with the cottage cheese and string cheese more often.  However, chicken on the george forman grill has been fairly common as well.  Yesterday I had some whole wheat pasta with some spicy tomato basil sauce and chicken sprinkled with walnuts.  This was one of my favorite meals.

Wraps have also been a common one for me.  A whole wheat tortilla filled with steak or chicken and then stuffed with spinach or asparagus.  Sometimes I add in some black beans and always a little avocado or a some walnuts sprinkled in.

Honestly I am a pretty picky eater and very addicted to sugar and white flour.  I really thought I would struggle with this.  In addition to my addiction I don't like veggies, fruit is great but veggies are harder for me.  However I am finding that as I eat them I am growing to like them more and more.  I know that everyone out there wants a quick easy fix, that is why trendy diets such as the atkins and HCG diets are soo popular, the get quick dramatic results.  Now I am not saying these diets are easy by any means, but the huge results lure people in.  But if you take it back to the basics (eat healthy and in correct portions and regularly, get your rest, drink your water, commit do some exercise daily) you will get slow and steady results.  If you remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race.  Set yourself up for a new healthy life not a quick fix that will be gone as quick as it comes.

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