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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 2 Thursday

This week my knee started hurting me a bit, not sure if it is from running or soo many lunges and sqwats...  However I have made a few adjustments in my workouts.  Tuesday I took my day off from exercise, Wednesday I did Prevention Fitness: Better Belly Yoga, then on Thursday I did The Biggest Loser Workout: Power Sculpt  Both were a great workout, but I enjoyed the power sculpt much more than the yoga, but it was nice to have a little variety.  Water hasn't been much of a problem lately.  With the exception of Monday, I have been done with my 3 liters by about 2 or 3 each day and end up having more as I am still thirsty.  Thursday my meals included

1 - Green smoothie
2 - Egg and egg white with spinach and onion. and a glass of milk.  This was actually really good.
3 - Toast with almond butter (that I made with my blender) and a bowl of cottage cheese.
4 - cottage cheese, yogurt and an apple
5 - Wrap - chicken with black beans, and some spinach (look at me veggies at 3 meals today.)

Great day, aside from my knee I am feeling great.  Even finding my energy levels increasing as well.  Not sure if I told you all my goal of this healthy challenge, first off I needed to increase my energy levels, but I really would like to get back down to 120-125lbs, these are numbers I have not seen since high school, we shall see if it is attainable.  I know that I wont reach it during the duration of the game, but I will be close.  I want a bikini body by summer and I know if I keep doing all the things that I know I am supposed to I will be there.

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